Content and SEO Strategy
Content and SEO Strategy

From Boring to Brilliant.

Your blog shouldn’t just be trade show recaps and product releases.

Help it stand out through powerful and insightful content that moves people towards your brand’s solutions.

Let me help you stop wasting time and start seeing results through industry-leading content.

My Work Samples

An authoritative blog in under 3 months? Absolutely.

How Do You Take a Brand-Spankin’ New Blog from Empty to 374 Keywords in 3 Months?

With the right strategy. I helped combine SEO and content strategies into a set of highly-targeted posts that offered more comprehensive information than 99% of the competition.

Now, only one quarter in, they’re seeing big increases in traffic, big wins for SERP features, and page 1 rankings for several difficult keywords.

Consistent posting and updating make this

How Do You Get a 600% YOY Traffic Increase With Content Marketing?

With a comprehensive and up-to-date content library and consistent social media marketing strategies.

I helped build a library of over 50 industry-leading blog articles that now dominate many searches. Paired with original social content to post 3x to 5x each week, this construction company has seen a 600% traffic increase from November 2021 to November 2022, all while battling significant competition in their niche and major Google search updates.

And as that library grows, old articles are refreshed and updated to better address their audience.

How Do You Transform an Established E-Commerce Company Into a Brand?

With content that focuses on thought leadership instead of sales pitches.

When a well-established men’s fashion e-com store wanted to build out their in-house line of accessories, they needed an identity. And they needed one that connected with their target audience.

Through careful research and demographic data, I helped establish a clear and recognizable brand voice that speaks to the company’s target audience while incorporating product information without the slimy sales pitch tactics.

What Makes a Top-Result Page in a Highly Technical Market?

Top-tier research, a unique perspective, and a comprehensive analysis of industry impact.

When a court-focused drug testing company asked for a detailed article on a new and dangerous illicit substance, they didn’t realize it would become an authoritative piece for their industry in under a month. How did it end up within the top five results for its keyword so quickly?

Through detailed, industry-leading research compiled from top experts and stories around the topic. By gathering and presenting more information than almost any article on the topic, their new piece quickly ranked at the top of several SEPRs—even outranking the key sources within the article.