Content and SEO Strategy
Content and SEO Strategy
Justin Whitcomb | Creating unforgettable content through thought leadership, brand storytelling, and funnel-focused strategies.

My name is Justin, and I create content strategies, SEO-driven marketing plans, and industry-leading content.

All designed to help B2B, DTC, and E-Commerce brands change visitors into customers.

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Irresistible Content.

Content and SEO strategy are important tools, but the key to your content translating to leads is knowing how to connect with your audience.

That’s what I do: I help your brand stand out from the rest of your industry by connecting with your ideal customer through thought-led marketing and expertise, brand storytelling, and funnel-focused strategies.

Who I Am

20 Years of Content Writing and Creation

From blogs to social media to email marketing, I’ve created content that makes B2B, DTC, and E-Com companies memorable from the moment your audience finds you.

I’m in the business of making sure your customers can’t forget your brand.

A Decade of Unconventional Sales and Marketing Experience

I’m an educator by degree (in music), but a systems thinker by nature.

I’ve run complex educational programs, built curriculum, managed budgets and calendars, and built conversion-focused content.

15 Years of SEO Experience

Today’s search engine optimization requires experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness to rank well.

I build your content with industry-leading research and storytelling so you find your content on Page One of the SERP within weeks, not months.

I love learning new concepts, down to the deepest levels, so I can apply them to actionable strategies and campaigns.

That’s how I’ve been able to create high-ranking content for trades, health and legal, B2B, and lifestyle e-commerce brands all at the same time.

What I Do:

Search Engine Optimization

15 years of experience developing strategies focused on search engine optimization, resulting in high-quality articles that reach first-page rankings within weeks, along with multiple featured snippets and search page features.


Short-form copy focused on the customer journey to better move your audience from problem-unaware to purchase-ready, no matter where they start.

Email Marketing

From attention-grabbing titles to witty CTAs, I help your email marketing efforts see ROI quickly and consistently.

Social Media Marketing

I utilize platform-specific best practices for organic growth optimization, helping your accounts grow quickly without ad spend.


I use original and industry-leading research to build content that surpasses competing brands, leading to authoritative and expert articles that top search queries and earn backlinks organically.

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